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‘It’s a monologue for reclaiming the voice’: Sonia Serin’s new track Dust Settles shines a light on the shadows of sexual violence.

“I’d always wanted to write a song about this subject matter [but] for a long time, I didn’t have the courage to,” Sonia Serin says about her new track Dust Settles, to be released on June 6 in collaboration with producer and friend Robi Parolin.  A hauntingly beautiful exploration of the traumas of sexual violence, … continue reading

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Sonia Serin’s poignant new track ‘Dust Settles’ explores the aftermath of sexual violence

A collaboration with her friend and producer Rob Parolin, the track has been in the works for over a year, and arrives today with a poignant message and evocative production.

Driven by a propulsive drumbeat and melancholic guitar melodies... continue reading

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Sonia Serin daring new single ‘Dust Settles’ tackles sexual violence and its related trauma

Melbourne-based musician Sonia Serin is about to release her new song Dust Settles, a triumphant exploration of the impacts of sexual assault... continue reading