U N R E S O L V E D 

Completed over two years, Sonia Serin’s album UNRESOLVED explores the cycles of beginnings, endings, and the sometimes sense of incompleteness that comes in between.

A seven track album mixed by Rolling stock Studios, Alexander Jackson, Andrew Robinson and Lillith Lane; featuring the cellist Francesca Mountfort and second guitarist Oliver Paterson.

Together with Serin’s soulful and moving compositions, this ensemble of musicians bring a poignant sense of beauty to a cycle of songs about acceptance of life’s mysteries and the gentle surfing of what the album calls ‘tidal waves’ of grief and relationships

The songs are tender explorations on romance, relationships and the unknowability of the way life unfolds.

The first track, showcasing the nimble finger picking that is characteristic of a style that saw Proud Camden call Serin a ‘Stella guitarist.’ The track, ‘Dodged A Bullet’, muses in a lyric which sums up the themes of the album, ‘Sometimes no closure is the only closure we get.’

In a way, the answer is on the instrumental track and single ‘Pink Moon’, a duet between piano and cello which uses the inspiration of an April ‘Pink Moon’ to explore new beginnings. The second piano instrumental, ‘Syria’ uses themes of belonging, culture and trauma to evoke themes of love and loss.

In the lynchpin track of the album, ‘London You’re A Thief’ describes the way that ‘people go to London to find themselves again’ in a haunting and soulful elegy for a relationship that is released with tenderness and a generous goodbye.

Ultimately, Serin’s album is a meditation at a crossroads, presented with style, grace, and wisdom. The theme of the crossroads provides new beginnings but also choices, hope for the future, and the ability to observe and be inspired by the beautiful and bittersweet moments presented to us on our journeys.

Sonia Serin’s UNRESOLVED was launched at the KXT Bakehouse in Melbourne on November 16 2019.

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Sonia Serin, who is warm, soulful, playful and passionate, is a progressive Australian female acoustic guitarist, singer-songwriter, drummer and pianist from Melbourne- Australia. Internationally praised with residencies in Camden-London, and an international scope to her concerns; her soulful music conveys the urgency of polarising times and fresh perspectives.

Sonia's performances can be described as a new genre of 'acoustica'.  A very stylish percussive sound that is swiftly collated with sophisticated rhythm and moody guitar melodic styles. 'She is bit of a whiz on a guitar' Camden Calling (London-UK).



This track explores the heartache and anguish that comes with losing a loved one. The process of moving forward and how that may look different for two individuals and in hindsight. It lastly brushes the idea of synchronicity and timing; And ones journey of transforming their sorrow and sense of incompleteness to a level of serenity and peace coming with the unknown.

London you’re a thief is the 4th track from the album U N R E S O L V E D that has just been released in Australia and can be listened to on iTunes, spotify, Deezer and googleplay.