Sonia Serin has had the opportunity of performing with an impressive list of musicians. From her early days of playing at the Fret Festival [Brisbane]. Sonia has supported Pete Murray, Diana Anaid, Hyske, Gorgonzolla; and shared the stages with artists Nikolaine and Nathanael Martin, Matt Nelson, John Langham, Steve Morrison, Robert Michael Kay (London) and The Mason Rack band. She has previously performed at Woodford Folk Festival,Camden Calling (UK) Kirra music Festival and the Gold Coast folk festivals. In addition to this Sonia has previously headlined many venues throughout her time living in the, UK/London : The Ronnie Scott Bar, The Spice of Life, Camden Callings: The Enterprise, The Courtyard and The Stage Door.

Described as a ‘stella guitarist, emotive piano player and a bit of a technical whiz behind the drum kit,’ (Proud Camden, London). Sonia’s style of playing is a swift collation of sophisticated fusion, eccentric, upbeat and soul.

Her 1st E.P. Everyone in Small Doses, was released in Melbourne in May 2015. The E.P. was described as a memoir of her time living in London from 2011. A time where she remembers ‘running fast’ in pursuit of chasing aspirations, dreams and a constant feeling of having to ‘make up for lost time’.  Her lyrics from ‘The everyone in small doses’ track off the EP describes a very strong love yet, turbulent relationship with the UK. Both emotionally and spiritually. The beauty of finding warmth, solace and true lifelong connections with friends in a city which was at times brutally cold and overwhelming.
Sonia is currently preparing for recording her second E.P. Pink moon, due to be released in later this year October 2018. She describes this E.P as the one derived from many tears, post relationship ending, the art of healing and finding one self again on new fresh ground with fresh perspectives. The title ‘Pink moon’ is the analogy reflecting significance of self love and a ‘new era’, cycle or reference point in her life. Coming out of a very emotional time in early 2017; the music will have very honest, raw and moving piano sketches collaborating with haunting deep cello tones and soulful soprano voices.
Another song which will be on the E.P. is ‘Syria’. This featured instrumental is a reflection of the polarising times we live in. The stories behind the piano notes symbolise the ancestral lineages, untold grief surfacing, archetypal patterns waiting for release and healing.