Sonia Serin is a progressive Australian female acoustic guitarist, singer songwriter, drummer and pianist from Melbourne.

Sonia Serin’s performance can be described as a new cool wave of FRESH UPBEAT ACOUSTICA.  A very stylish percussive sound, that is swiftly collated with sophisticated rhythm and technical finger picking styles.  Sonia’s performances can be described as very energetic, spirited and vigorous. ‘She plays with brilliance and virtuosity and is Stellar-whiz on that guitar’…. Camden Calling Team.UK.







Sonia has lived and performed in the UK, Europe and U.S. Her current residence is in Melbourne-Australia. Sonia toured through Europe 2014, performing at various venues in Vienna, Rome, Barcelona, Paris and London. Her Single ‘Everyone in Small Doses’ from the ‘Dreams.E.P  is available on Itunes, bandcamp and Reverbnation. Sonia’s music is currently supported by Hot Vox Productions UK , Camden Calling through Europe and also Gold Coast, ‘Coast Acoustics Group’ , Queensland/Australia.

‘Sonia is one of the most amazing acoustic female guitarists I have ever seen perform in London’, John Langham, blues legend-UK.

‘My dream is to share stages with performers who inspire me. To play at festivals and shows all over the world, and produce an album that Im happy with that screams:  ‘HERE I AM’,  fearless and content with nothing to hide.                                                         Sonia Serin